Creative Thinking for Academic Success Studio

MES Creative Thinking for Academic Success Studio


Feeling anxious about your schoolwork, research or forthcoming exams? The MES Creative Thinking for Academic Success Studio offers a range of bespoke workshops, courses and tutoring services to put you back in touch with your strengths and academic creativity, and re-spark your interest and motivation in your school work, research or subject-specific studies.


Workshops are designed for School Students from Key Stages 2 - 5, College and University students studying at Under-Graduate Level and others hoping to unlock their academic potential or develop their research and writing skills. Developed specifically to meet your study needs and/or academic interests, workshops and courses include Exam Preparation Support Including GCSE, A’ Level and IB, Revision Techniques, Essay Writing and Critical Thinking Skills.


Exam Preparation Workshops Include:

Feeling positive about taking exams

Planning effectively for exams

Developing useful revision and exam strategies and techniques

Managing stress, relaxation techniques


Answering Exam Questions Workshops Include:

Understanding the wording

Understanding and competing exams

Audience awareness

Understanding and using marking criteria

Planning exam answers


Revision Techniques Workshops Include:

Understanding your memory and finding your strengths

Identifying barriers to learning

Notetaking for revision

Organising and using your notes effectively

Timetabling revision

Using past papers effectively


Writing Essays Workshops Include:

Choosing your question

Research, reading and note-taking

Planning and structuring your essay

Writing style and language

The writing process

Proofreading and referencing


Developing Critical Thinking Skills Workshops Include:

Thinking and approaching projects creatively

Approaching projects and assessments in a multi-sensory way

Identifying other’s positions, arguments and conclusions

Reflecting on issues in original ways

Synthesizing information

Presenting a point of view in a well-reasoned and convincing way

If you would like more information or would like to book a free taster session, don’t hesitate to email me on or give me a call on my mobile 07470 430572 or my landline 01480 357668.