Autism & Additional Needs Studio​

MES Autism and Additional Needs Studio - Support and Strategies


The Autism and Additional Needs Studio is built on a firm foundation of good, evidence-based practice and supports children, young people, parents and guardians, teachers, SEN Coordinators and other professionals either on-site, via the Internet or directly in schools/colleges or other businesses. 


The MES Autism and Additional Needs Studio offers both emotional and practical support; whether it is signposting to particular services, information on getting a diagnosis, specific training programmes and everyday support strategies or just someone to talk to who understands and empathises. Emotional support uses and builds on the family’s existing skills and knowledge and offers sibling support and

support in developing positive working partnerships with teachers and other professionals.  


With emotional well-being at its core, the MES Autism and Additional Needs Studio works collaboratively with its clients, listening carefully to their voice and putting support strategies into place which foster positive problem solving, autonomy and increased independence.


MES endeavours to understand the unique profile of its clients, their specific needs, strengths and learning style and offers up-to-date, credible information to develop understanding and increase positive awareness of the autism spectrum and SEN, considering key questions such as:


- What does autism/Asperger syndrome mean?

- How does autism/Asperger syndrome affect learning?

- What are the implications now and in the future?

- What can we do to help our child/charge to meet his/her potential?

- What kind of education provision is best for my child?

- Which strategies, approaches should be pursued?

- What reasonable adjustments should be expected in school, college or the workplace?


Approaches and Interventions Include:

- PECs, TEACCH, Using visuals and gigs

- Visual timetabling

- Writing and using social stories

- Developing and using social skills programmes

- Using play to facilitate communication and social interaction​

- Using art to facilitate communication and social interaction, increase focus and concentration, explore feelings and emotions, develop fine motor skills and increase self-esteem. 


Other Support Services Include:

- Language and communication development

- Flexibility of thought and behaviour development

- Social and emotional understanding including making and maintaining friendships

- Practical, everyday strategies, tools, techniques and interventions to manage anxieties, face and manage new situations and experiences positively

- Support with specific challenges such as managing RBIs

- Support with life transitions such as moving from Primary to Secondary School

- Developing core life skills, problem-solving techniques and self-esteem 

- Seeing the world from an autistic person’s perspective

- Out and about, including going to the doctors, dentist, hairdressers, cinema; going on holiday

- Feelings and emotions

- Routines

- Understanding and dealing with meltdowns

- Understanding and managing sensory differences

If you would like more information or would like to book a free taster session, don’t hesitate to email me on or give me a call on my mobile 07470 430572 or my landline 01480 357668.